Statement on SJC’s Decision to Allow Union Ballot Question to Move Forward

BOSTON – Following the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s decision to allow a union-backed ballot to proceed, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation issued the following statement noting that its concerns remain unaddressed and that the Commonwealth will be putting itself in a precarious legal position if the petition were to pass.

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New Statewide Poll on Housing and Monica Tibbits-Nutt’s Tax Policies

Measures Opinions on Housing Issues, Taxes, the Migrant Crisis, and More

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Update on Lawsuit Against the SEIU Ballot Question

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-partisan, non-profit organization that engages in legal challenges related to measures that involve the absence of a fiscally responsible, transparent, and accountable government and the tenets of individual liberty. More specifically, when the rights of the public at large and of private citizens are at risk due to these government oversteps.

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