Attorney General Rejects Ranked Choice Voting Ballot Questions as Unconstitutional

Ranked Choice Voting Defeated Again!

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation issued the following statement regarding the Attorney General’s rejection of several proposed ballot questions that sought to impose ranked choice voting on Massachusetts (23-04, 23-07 and 23-08). By doing so, the Attorney General determined these ballot questions are considered unconstitutional.

“The proponents of ranked choice voting were trying to circumvent the state constitution in order to spam voters with another ballot question on ranked choice voting, even though voters soundly rejected this policy in 2020. The state constitution protects voters from situations just like this and the Fiscal Alliance Foundation was happy to play a significant part in ensuring the Attorney General’s office came to the correct decision,” stated Paul Diego Craney, spokesperson for the Fiscal Alliance Foundation.

Click here to read a copy of the Fiscal Alliance Foundation’s initial written comments submitted to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office.

Click here to read a copy of the reply response the Fiscal Alliance Foundation submitted on August 18, rebutting counter arguments put forth by Ranked Choice Voting proponents.

“The voters of Massachusetts soundly rejected this complicated scheme only three years ago, despite proponents spending over $10 million to push the scheme and opponents spending less than $10,000. Not only would it be unlawful and unconstitutional for these ballot questions to go forward again so soon, but it would be incredibly disrespectful to voters who overwhelmingly rejected the scheme just three years ago. While the proponents of ranked choice voting don’t seem to care about the law or the will of the voters, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation certainly does and we will continue to work to protect the voters from advocates that try to abuse the system,” concluded Craney.