New Study: Carbon Tax Bill is a High Tax Proposal with Insignificant Environmental Benefits

Increase Taxes by $1,263 at Fifth Year, with a Loss of 18,000+ Private Sector Jobs

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation today announced the results of a study into the effects of H.2810, An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions, introduced by state representative Jennifer Benson (D-Lunenburg). 

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Our Comments on Closing the Union Loophole

On March 15, 2019, the Fiscal Alliance Foundation submitted its testimony pertaining to the revision of 970 C.M.R. § 1.00 et seq, which would significantly reduce the scope of the Union Loophole. 

You can view our full testimony here.

An excerpt from our testimony's conclusion:

"The Foundation appreciates OCPF’s recognition of the legal shortcomings of certain portions of the existing sub-regulatory guidance IB-88-01 and understands the competing demands of various stakeholders that OCPF must weigh as it considers the Proposed Rule.

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Fiscal Alliance Foundation Releases Poll on Real Estate Excise Tax Proposal

Data Shows Broad Opposition to Proposed Housing Tax

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation, today released the results of a poll conducted on the proposed hike of the Massachusetts Real Estate Excise Tax.

“Given the prohibitively high cost of housing in the Commonwealth, the Foundation felt this would be a great issue to explore and gather some data on,” commented Paul Diego Craney, an advisor to the Fiscal Alliance Foundation’s Board and spokesman for the organization.

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