Statewide Poll of Likely Voters Show Lack of Support for TCI

First Comprehensive Poll with Gasoline and Diesel Tax Included

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation today released the results of a statewide poll gauging the level of support for the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) in Massachusetts. The survey was the first comprehensive poll that included questions about the anticipated rise in fuel costs associated with implementation of TCI. The statewide poll was of 712 likely Massachusetts voters from January 14 to 19, 2020. The poll, commissioned by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation, was conducted by Jim Eltringham of Advantage Inc, a polling company located in the DC area. A copy of the poll, may be found by clicking here.

“Massachusetts voters care deeply about their taxes, fuel costs, and a clean environment. While they are sympathetic to the virtues TCI claims to make, they care more deeply about the high financial costs associated with the regressive nature of increasing gasoline and diesel costs that would be required to fund TCI,” stated Paul D. Craney, an advisor to the Fiscal Alliance Foundation’s Board and spokesman for the organization.

“Massachusetts voters spoke the loudest on the issues of cost and if bordering states were not to participate in TCI. Specifically, voters had very little appetite for TCI’s higher fuel costs, especially when asked if they support TCI along with a separate gas tax legislative leaders are promising. When asked, 63.6% of Massachusetts voters strongly or somewhat oppose paying the TCI fuel costs and any additional gasoline taxes increased by the legislature,” continued Craney.

“Since New Hampshire and many other New England states may not join TCI, we asked Massachusetts voters how they felt about this. This question also came in strong, with 61.1% saying they strongly or somewhat oppose Massachusetts joining TCI if neighboring states did not join,” continued Craney.

“The Fiscal Alliance Foundation is pleased to share the results of this comprehensive poll. We hope the Governor, lawmakers, municipal officials, employers, taxpayers, and civic leaders will find the data helpful when forming their own opinions of TCI,” concluded Craney.

While leaders in all of the New England states have expressed reservations and concerns with TCI, the 11 states observing TCI will need to decide if they want their state to enroll in the program by the Spring. The Governor believes he has the legal authority to circumvent the legislature and not seek a legislative vote to enroll Massachusetts in TCI, despite a bill that has bi-partisan support that would require the Governor to obtain a legislative vote before entering the state into any regional pact like TCI.

To download a copy of the poll cross tabs, click here.

To download a copy of the poll, click here.